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Press Release: Loodo Launch


Customers will be able to select a new digital version of their favorite tabletop games each month, for discounts of up to 50% off — with hundreds of games to choose from at launch.

SAN FRANCISCO - February 10, 2022 - Loodo announced details for their upcoming digital board game subscription service today. Customers can select one app each month to try out from a list containing hundreds of options and expect to receive steep discounts off regular pricing — while still keeping the app forever.

Tabletop gaming has been surging in popularity over the past decade or more, with titles like Settlers of Catan becoming household names alongside more “traditional” board games like Monopoly or Scrabble. This trend only became more pronounced over the past few years, with the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic leading people worldwide to seek new, quarantine-friendly habits. This has led to skyrocketing the valuation of the global Games and Puzzles market to $11.3bn.*

Given the ongoing pandemic, it can be challenging (or unsafe) to get your local board game group together. Online options are often clunky — missing the games you want, or unavailable on mobile devices, and many of the games with good mobile versions require every player to purchase an expensive app (unlike traditional board games that you can share with your friends). It’s also difficult to assess the quality of a game before you buy; if you’re looking to play something new, there simply are no good resources to tell you at a glance what digital options are “right” for you.

Loodo aims to solve these problems with their upcoming subscription service. While pricing is yet to be finalized, customers can try new digital games and expand their library over time. The service allows customers to pick one new app to try each month and discover amazing games for up to 50% off the typical app store price. Over time, Loodo will learn what games you like and suggest new ones to try for your monthly board game night. There are hundreds of games to choose from each month, and Loodo will continually be looking to add new options as well. “Our goal is to eventually offer any board game app that you can get on mobile as part of our monthly available options. We’re in discussions with developers about the best way to make that happen,” -Andrew Nelson, Co-founder, Loodo.

Loodo will be opening their doors soon to customers interested in their subscription service. Each month, members will be able to visit where they can easily see their credit balance (1 credit per month for paying members), games they’ve previously received, and the full list of titles to choose from each month as part of Loodo’s subscription service. Getting your new digital board game is as simple as selecting which one you want on the site, confirming it, and then opening a link sent to your device. Games are yours to keep on your mobile device. At launch the service will be available only to U.S. Customers with access to an Apple iOS device, but will expand as soon as possible.

If you’d like to try the best mobile board game options today, sign up for the waiting list at


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